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CrossFit TLH

While we have lots of modalities and way to get in shape at Midtown Movement the main tool we utilize is Crossfit classes.


CrossFit TLH is Tallahassee's newest gym facility. We are seeking to improve the human experience and health of our clients by engaging in a completely new model of how a gym operates. 

We believe that you should have more engaging relationship with your gym.  We understand that a proactive approach to you health which involves engaging in positive physical, biological, and psychological regimens that challenge the human system impart improvements in an individual's functionality, durability and tolerances to more severe life challenges. 

Ultimately, achieving a more fulfilling, healthy life.


Includes the following

Join Crossfit TLH and Transform Your Body and Mind

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Our gym is built around the idea that a community of positive like minded people can help you achieve your goals and transcend the physical benefits seen from working out in a traditional medical clinic or big box gym. Come join a group of people who care about you and your goals in and out of the gym.


Consistent Exercise Training is crucial to your overall fitness.  At Crossfit tlh, unlike other gyms we count on you being here everyday, and put systems in place to help you along the way.  Intense training programs taking advantage of the body’s natural movements produce dramatic changes. Don’t hesitate to start today!

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Proper weight lifting is safe at any age and can help to prevent disease, improve endurance, build muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and develop maximum strength. Your beach body will thank you, as will your future self.